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life is a honeymoon phase

life is a honeymoon phase

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i’ve spent years of my life chasing the next moment—
the next achievement
the next adventure
the next core memory

and in pursuit of those moments, i neglected the moment i was in currently. the happiness and joy and pride was fleeting because once a goal was met, a new one was set. there was always going to be something better around the corner.

but now i can see the balance—of setting goals while relaxing in the season of life i sit in. there’s no rush. life is short, but forgetting is long, and i want to live in these moments for as long as i can before they become memories i write about. i’m reminding myself—mondays don’t have to suck. the love doesn’t have to fizzle. my life is a honeymoon phase.


one last "life is a honeymoon phase" crewneck, for one lucky person.
thanks for being a part of our secret club.


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